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Read My Interview on The Talking Mirror

…  Who is Tiffany Thompson?  Well, first and foremost, she is a graduate of Wheaton College.  That alone should be sufficient evidence of her excellence as a person and worth as an interview subject, but for those of you who need more (i.e. Moody graduates and Dutch people) we should also mention that Miss. Thompson happens to be a kickass singer/songwriter.

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My brother’s dog has developed a grass allergy and is now required to wear these shoes.  I simply had to share this with you all.  Enjoy! 

My brother’s dog has developed a grass allergy and is now required to wear these shoes.  I simply had to share this with you all.  Enjoy! 

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What do you hope to accomplish at SXSW?

I submitted my application to SXSW last night, and was surprised by one of their questions: What do you hope to accomplish at SXSW?I wrote out a few different answers, ranging from very flowery to totally business; and in the end submitted the following paragraph. Somehow it keeps coming back to community.

For me, it’s incredible satisfying when that music is shared with a community and even more gratifying when that community is as excited about music as you are.  I know that SXSW is a community of musicians, industry people, and listeners looking for and ready to love new music – and that is a place I want to be.  The music I’ve created this year has been getting rave reviews from each audience I’m able to share it with, and I would love the chance to share it with the SXSW community.  I hope that the people I meet will lead to creative collaborations and musical relationships that last long after SXSW.

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Good Times in Austin

Flipnotics Coffeespace

 This past week I return to Austin—one of my past hometown—for  six days of music, community and concerts.  I kicked off my trip  with back-to-back shows at Flipnotics Coffeespace and Romeo’s  Grill on Wednesday, Sept 14.  The Flipnotics show started off slow,  but then two guys with a mandolin and banjo jumped up with me  and playedthree songs!  The good times started.  The Romeo’s  show was simply wonderful, great crowd, great sound system, and a great artist sharing the bill—B. Sterling Archer.  My old neighbors came over as well as the friends and family of some DC friends of mine.  Thanks again to everyone who came out to this show.  Watch a video from Romeo’s on YouTube! 

On Thursday, I played for a group of international students as part of a weekly Bridges gathering. Since I am heading over to Europe in October for an arts centered trip with my church, this show was a huge blessing to me and a great chance to see the way music can breakdown cultural barriers and create bridges.

On Friday and Saturday, I was able to go to the Austin City Limits festival, which was incredible!  Coldplay headlined Friday night, and the show was simply inspirational.  Chris Martin’s dynamic stage presence took my respect for the band to a whole new level.  And made me want to start a melodic rock group. Any takers?  A few of the other highlights were seeing my friend’s band Chancellor Worhal perform on the BMI stage as well as purchasing my first Fedora.  ;-)

Sunday was totally packed with music ministry at the church I used to attend when I lived in Austin, First Evangelical Free Church of Austin.  I’m so thankful to that community for supporting my music and letting me share my songs with them in the service and at a concert after the service.  I closed the day with a house concert, and drummer and great guitarist started jamming with me. 

On Monday, I went over to Regents School of Austin and lead their chapel services witha 30 minute presentation of my songs and how they reflect different aspects of the Lord’s Prayer.  Man – middle schoolers are so cool.  They got up and started clapping along with my song. That was a first. 

The trip ended on a bit of a crazy note when the house I was staying at had some flooding happen, and I ran to the equipment rental place to get a water vac—240 gallons later the host said it was all dry.

This was truly an amazing trip, and I look forward to creating similar weeks in cities across the US.  I love blurring the lines between being a bar and church musician.  And I’ll keep sharing my music with anyone who will listen, praying that it rips a bit of the darkness off this world.


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Going Back To Austin Sept. 14-20!

In case you didn’t know, I’m a Southern Girl.  Well, I’m also a Mid-West Girl, a East Coast Girl, and a Russian Girl, but I did spend 7 years living and learning in Austin, TX.  I recorded my first two records, Unblinded and Seemingly Fine in that city with my good friend Josh Bronleewe, and I am so looking forward to returning next week.

You may ask, how does one go about booking a music trip to a city they have not lived in for over seven years? Great question.  The answer: an amazing community of friends and family reaching out to their friends and family to book shows, provide housing and bring out the audiences.  Here is my current schedule for next week:


Sept 14 at 6:00PM — Flipnotics Coffeespace Cafe

Addy: 1601 Barton Springs Rd., Austin, TX

Sept 14 at 8:30PM — Romeo’s Restaurant

Addy: 1500 Barton Springs Rd., Austin, TX

Sept 15 at 7:00PM — University of Texas - Private Event

Sept 18 at 12:30AM — National Invitational Visual Art Exhibition

Addy: 4220 Monterey Oaks, Blvd, Austin, TX 78749

Sept 18 at 7:00PM — High House Show

Sept. 19 at 10:00AM — Regents School of Austin

I just want to say thank you to everyone who helped make this trip possible.  And now, I’m sharing it with everyone else! If you know any friends or family in Austin, TX, please let them know about my kick off shows at Flipnotics and Romeo’s.  The two venues are right across the street from each other — so I will be playing in downtown Austin for literally hours my first night in town — just sharing music and connecting with people.  

Thanks!  And see you at the shows! - Tiffany 

Photo taken by Reuben Bucuresteanu at UncommonGround on Clark in Chicago, IL (Sept. 2011)

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